A Halloween For Dogs

31 Oct 2017

Today, October 31, is celebrated throughout the world, the darkest and most terrifying night of the year. Halloween has arrived and has flooded our lives with the orange color of pumpkins, caravels and terrifying disguises.

Halloween for dogs?

Yes, we are reading well, there is also a Haloween for dogs. And, at Wool & Dogs we also want to celebrate this night and we want to do it as we know best: Together with our favorite pets!

We agree. Halloween is a special night because  humans love to be scared and therefore, we are willing to be afraid. So, we go out with our dog and … our fantastic collar of the new Pumpkin collection! Because our faithful friend must also go according to Halloween night.

In addition, and as they say in the famous series Game of Thrones, night is dark and full of terrors. That’s why, at Wool & Dogs we like to go out on Halloween night with our dog and his Pumpkin Collar of the new collection.

Undoubtedly, Halloween night will give us many moments to remember … or will them be to forget?


Knowing the origin of the pumpkin on Halloween

Legend says thar dui to his extreme wickedness, an Irish man named Jack did not deserve a place in heaven nor hell when he died. His spirit was forced to roam the world imploring entry into one place or another. It was manifested carrying a hollow pumpkin with a candle inside and this was the most representative symbol since Halloween night.

Another story, for example, suggests that the pumpkin took on such a dismal aspect because of a punishment that a witch imposed on Jack for refusing to help him prepare the Halloween soup. The boy disappeared inside the pumpkin and it adopted features similar to the human face.