Ecological canine fashion: Best quality for your dog

10 Apr 2017 Healthy Dog Wool & Dogs

At Wool&Dogs, we believe your dog deserves to be the latest in eco-friendly canine fashion.
And that´s why,  from Woll & Dogs, we bet very strongly on those products free of toxics and looking for the health and well being of your pet.
In this post we show some of the products available on our website so that your dog always goes to the last betting on ecological canine fashion, with products of the highest quality!

Ecological canine fashion: Best products for your dog.

Spring Human Wool Blanket 

This wonderful wool blanket available in an elegant natural pink colour will provide the best comfort, while adding style and elegance to any corner of your home.


Moda para perros

Berry Wool Bed Bag 

This bed bag comes in an exquisite embossed pink colour and will delight the most presumptuous female dogs and their owners.
On a picnic, visiting friends or staying in a hotel, you’ll always feel at home.



Bolso para perro


Berry Wool Leash

This pretty embossed pink leash, comprising of bronze fittings that do not rust or corrode and allow to hook on to our wonderful collars and walking bags.


Perros ecológicos

 Berry Wool Bonne

You will not find a better gift for your unruly friend. Our bone comes in a delicate embossed pink colour and will undoubtedly become your dog’s favourite toy.


Moda canina ecológica