11 Oct 2016 dog allergies

Dog Allergies and atopic dermatitis. healthy dog accessories.

Symptoms of allergies in dogs are Readily identifiable on the skin, when have itching skin, often compulsively lick the area until they can damage and even be injured. Most importantly, as in humans, it is to identify the cause of the allergy to avoid it. In the case of atopic dermatitis, the origin usually comes by hypersensitivity to certain substances that can be found both in the food or in the environment. Read More “Dog Allergies and atopic dermatitis. healthy dog accessories.” »

5 Feb 2016


The great day of love is near, where the tradition is to give details to project the love you have for your boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife. We from Wool & Dogs offer the perfect gift love their dogs, a mix of design, natural and better texture with our natural accessories for dogs and dog lovers, surprise your love with something different.

List gifts to surprise your dog lover: Read More “VALENTIN`S DAY DOG LOVERS” »