Natural products for Dogs

29 Sep 2017

In Wool&Dogs, we appreciate so much to our favourite pets. People say that dogs are the man´best fiend, our more faithful friend. That´s why in Wool&Dogs, we truthly believe in emotional bonds between people and dogs.

So, if we receive everyday the best from them… why not to give the the best from us?

100% Natural products for our dogs

Wool&Dogs have 4 specific and special values:

  • We offer products made with 100% natural wool.
  • They are 100% ecollogical products.
  • They are artisan products.
  • And of course, the are 100% toxic free.

In the Wool&Dogs´portfolio you will be able to find many different product categories. For example, on this post, we are going to mention this two lovely categories:


1.  Berry Wool Chew: There is no greater reward for your dog than for you to spend a bit of quality time to play with him.

2. Country Wool Bone: You will not find a better gift for your unruly friend. Our bone comes in a natural wool colour and will undoubtedly become your dog’s favourite toy.


1.  Berry Wool Heart: Nothing better than a heart to represent the love you feel for your dog, and vice versa.

2. Country Wool Walkbag: Whether we’re carrying poop bags, keys, a mobile or doggie rewards, our poop bag made from 100% natural wool will be the envy of the neighbourhood.