Eco Toys to enjoy with your dog this summer

21 Jun 2017


Enjoying our pet, our dog, is usually one of the things that most attract us during the free time we have in summer.

Going out, strolling, playing under the sunsets … in Wool & Dogs you will find a space totally dedicated to natural and ecological products for your dog.

Los típicos huesos caninos, se convierte en todo un juguete de máxima calidad y que a la vez no intoxica a tu mascota.

Specifically, our Country Wool Bone, you can find in different colors and choose the one you like. Both the fabric and the filler is 100% natural wool. Resistant and safe, your pet will spend many fun moments next to its bone. It is a handmade product, made by hand. You will not find a better toy for your rebellious friend!

But not only the Country Wool Bone but another option to play with your favorite pet this summer is our Berry Wool Chew, also available in different colors, always at the consumer’s choice.

There is no greater reward for your dog than for you to spend a bit of quality time to play with him. Our chew toys are the perfect accessories to strengthen ties between you. Made from 100% natural wool, it is highly resistant and is very safe, contains no chemical or synthetic substances.

Raise your arm and make him jump and try to grab it. Throw it and teach him to fetch it. Tempt him with it so he’ll grab and chew it … It’s playtime!


And, if you really feel a great affection towards your great friend, why not give him a toy in the form of a heart?


Nothing better than a heart to represent the love you feel for your dog, and vice versa. Made from natural wool in a refined pink colour, this beautiful decorative addition provides a warm and cosy feel to the space where you hang it. It symbolises the mutual affection that you have whilst decorating your home at the same time.

Made with love.