Wool, like dogs, has accompanied and protected man for thousands of years. It is a natural fibre with many great qualities that our ancestors were very familiar with and that science has tried to copy creating various synthetic materials, but without the same success.
Sheep’s wool possesses many advantages both for you and your dog. Here are some of them:

A one hundred percent natural fibre

What could be more natural for humans and dogs than sheep’s wool? It’s a fibre that covers and protects another animal and that is extracted without any discomfort, making it the perfect material for our products, designed for you and your pet.

Durability and elasticity

Sheep’s wool has extraordinary strength and elasticity. It does not break if stretched or folded; it can be folded up to 20,000 times without causing any damage.

A natural regulator of temperature

Wool is ideal for all seasons, with exceptional properties of transpiration. It absorbs or releases moisture depending on the heat or cold formed by the body, always ensuring the perfect temperature for you and your pet.

Moisture absorption

Wool is also an excellent insulator. It is a hydrophilic fibre and can absorb a large amount of moisture thus always keeping the body dry.

Repels dirt, dust mites and odours

Due to its composition, wool is a fibre which, naturally, is surprisingly resistant to staining, microbial growth and odour retention.


Another added value is that sheep’s wool is environmentally friendly; biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.


Among its noteworthy advantages is that the fibres act as a natural buffer. They are soft, let the body breathe and protect from moisture. All these make it optimal in providing the best rest and the highest comfort.


Wool is a natural fibre that does not generate static electricity, which also makes it expel dust. Additionally, it purifies the air, acting as a filter and absorbs contaminants.


Wool is a noble tissue, and over time it gains in beauty and elegance. Nothing at all like the majority of unflattering synthetic fibres and their ultimate aging problems.


Many people are not aware of the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing of synthetic fabrics and the dangers these can bring about. The wool, with which we make all our products, is highly resistant to fire, preventing unforeseen accidents.