There is an undeniable new trend, further and further away from our busy lives and economic interests, a return to natural and sustainable materials and products. At Wool & Dogs, we want to add to this change and have created a new brand of handmade accessories, mainly in wool, and designed for both our demanding dogs and for us passionate lovers of our pets.

In this collection for dogs you’ll find fascinating items to gift your best friend. They will appreciate them equally or more than us, the comfort and benefits of wool, a natural fibre that repels odours, dirt and bacteria; an excellent insulator and temperature regulator for both the cold and heat, extremely resistant and elastic and with an incredible capacity to absorb moisture and transpiration that will keep them drier than any other fabric.

We defend and share the unconditional love for our pets as members of our families, which leads to the maximum concern for their welfare and happiness.

We are committed in returning to natural materials and craftsmanship made with care and dedication. Our products are made in small factories in Europe, where great craftmasters are still making art with sheep’s wool, a one hundred percent natural, organic, sustainable, comfortable and, above all, eternally beautiful fabric.