Wool, a fabric with lots of history

24 Sep 2015 Wool, a fabric with lots of history

Wool has accompanied and clothed man from the Neolithic age. Due to its many advantages it has been appreciated for its long history by many different civilisations. Nowadays, this is still true.

Obviously, today’s’ sheep have little to do with primitive sheep. The quality of wool has improver over the generations, with careful selection and breeding, maintaining and even improving its extraordinary properties for which it has always been valued.

Wool shouldn’t be confused with fur generated from other animals to protect against the cold. Wool is a natural fibre that only sheep produce and has a coating of flakes that tends to weave itself, making it unique, as it creates an impenetrable barrier for both the cold and heat. It is able to absorb 40% of its weight in water and remain completely dry to the touch. When found in a dry environment it frees water to regulate the temperature and humidity. In China it was used to preserve ice and in the desert it was used to collect the evening dew. Another property it has is that it is elastic and resistant; it can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and is hardly deformed or wrinkled.

A few years ago there was a health problems due to the boom of synthetic petroleum products, today there are few who do not appreciate its qualities and benefits.

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