Risks and dangers to our dogs

12 Sep 2015 Healthy Dog Wool & Dogs

For all us pet lovers, the safety and welfare of our dog comes first. However, ignorance or carelessness could make our friend have an unpleasant experience but rest assured our best intentions.

As with children, our pets depend on us to fathom some hidden dangers that initially may not seem so perturbing. This is the case of plugged cables, batteries, fireplaces, medicines, etc.

We also know some foods can be toxic such as chocolate, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, etc. Or the risk that can develop from some plants, plants that are present in any garden, such as laurel, yew, azalea, daffodils, hyacinth … etc.

But there are many other situations or hostile elements for your dog that are harder to identify. Clear examples are synthetic fibres. They contain chemicals that can cause allergies or more serious problems, by skin contact and by the risk of swallowing the product. Likewise, lack of perspiration, besides discomfort, can cause skin problems and help attract insects and parasites that transmit diseases.

We shouldn’t live in terror by all these unforeseen dangers, as in other areas of life we must rationally accept them, but it is our responsibility to recognise these and care for our pets to ensure their greatest possible comfort.

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