Organic Dog Bed

15 Dec 2016 cama ecologica perros

The bed is undoubtedly the most important accessory for your dog. It is the place where they spend more time and identify as their refuge. You can ensure rest of your pet, avoid or decrease the likelihood of many bone or muscle problems and, in general, influence on many aspects of health for your dog.

An ecological and organic bed brings many benefits: it is healthy to contain no harmful substances, decreases allergies to chemicals or synthetic, does not pollute the environment, and above all are totally natural, something that your dog is able to identify with only To close his snout.

Within the organic fabrics, wool has a huge amount of unique and beneficial properties for your dog. It is resistant, pleasant and comfortable. It has exceptional properties of both perspiration and moisture absorption. Repels dirt, mites and bad odors. It is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, fire retardant … And being a noble fabric, it is eternally beautiful, even gaining appeal over time.

Therefore, the decision to buy a bed for your dog is not something you can do in a minute, you must inform and analyze well all aspects, as it is decisive for the physical and psychological well-being of your dog.