How to make our dog happy

3 Sep 2015

The first thing to understand is that what our dog wants most in the world is to be with his owner. If you spend time with him whilst his primary needs are met, he will be a happy dog.

Here are some important tips that can help the wellbeing of your pet:

– Nutrition: before giving a treat, find out whether it is good for him. On the Internet, it will take less than a minute. And of course, give him the best dried dog food possible.

– Care: can be left to a professional dog groomer (combing, washing, nails, ears…). Just remember to review these daily, which will eliminate risks and will bring you and your faithful friend closer.

– Choose a good veterinarian, it’s important not only for when he needs to be treated or a vaccination given but it must become someone who can advise you professionally at any given moment.

– Heed psychological health: it is essential to analyse the mood of your pet and his daily behaviour. Dogs do not know how to hide or lie like humans.

– Exercise: Daily walks and play are essential for them. Always try to devote some time to turning these moments into something special.

– Whims: We all like surprises and to be pampered. Your pet does too. Use healthy treats, take him to a dog spa, buy him a special toy or accessory, to help improve his wellbeing and comfort … There are lots of possible gifts.

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