Healthy and Ecological Dog Collar

7 Feb 2017

Most people think that a dog collar should meet at least three requirements: comfortable, beautiful and durable.

At Wool & Dogs we think that they also have to be healthy.
Our necklaces are made entirely in wool. An organic and ecological fabric, which is very resistant, of undeniable beauty and very comfortable for your dog.
But in addition, wool is a natural fiber, which contains no chemicals or toxic substances, with high transpiration properties and repels dirt, mites and odors.
Your dog will have a collar that will adorn your neck, giving you class and distinction, but above all will take care of your skin and provide comfort.
For the buckles, we have opted for bronze, ideal partner of our noble fabric, for being resistant, durable and elegant.
And you can always accompany it with our matching straps. We hope you enjoy them.