Health benefits of having a dog

11 Aug 2016

The dog has always been rated as the best friend of man, but the dog-human relationship goes far beyond. After many studies conducted both psychologists and psychiatrists and scholars of human behavior, they have agreed that the relationship established between these animals and men have very beneficial and positive for both effects. There have been cases where it has even been necessary the presence of these animals to obtain a positive result in different types of therapies in humans.

What does the dog to human?, Why they are so beneficial to us?, Having dog is receiving unconditional love for little in return, our dog teaches us to live intensely every day, but we get him to always walk around the place, he appears happy and content and will be attentive to all stimuli, help us value the small details of life often is where we find happiness. But the benefits of sharing life with a dog are also physicists, Dr. Deborah Wells, a psychologist at Queen’s University, says that having a positive provides more health benefits than other animals dog. Throughout several investigations, it has been shown that dog owners have blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, and have fewer illnesses and less severe conditions than those that do not have a dog. Furthermore, these studies have shown that dogs also contribute to the recovery of serious diseases.

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