Dress up your dog to halloween

30 Oct 2015 Halloweendog

In the scariest night of the year, we always think of the child in disguise, parties at school, pumpkins … what about our pets ?, why not put a funny detail ?. From W & D we give you some fun ideas for your pet is one in the party. Let’s start, the first and most important is that everything we use is comfortable for your pet, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or harmful to my dog, so forget about sprays, glitter that is restricted.

1. The most recommended one layer for the dog will only cover the back and better than that layer is made with an organic component such as wool.


2. Of the funniest, put your dog with three heads, for this we use two stuffed animals made from organic materials and adaptarselos.

Halloween dog

3.The easiest, practical and not annoying for our dog, it is to put two horns of the devil.


So you know to spend a “terrifying” night with your dog, think something easy and simple good for your pet dog.