Dog Travel

11 Jan 2016 dog travel

For those who are lovers of dogs it is unimaginable a holiday without our furry friends. Our mentality has evolved and to consider them as a member of the family we included them in our leisure plans. It is therefore not surprising that more than half of pet owners traveling with them.
In European countries like Germany or France, for many years, they have been incorporated into the daily activities the presence of pets.
They are accepted as normal in many restaurants, cafes, shopping malls …. even on the beach, while respecting areas and permitted ti

More and more hotels are in the pet a new niche market, aware of the gradual increase in families who have joined an animal into their daily lives. So, they join without hesitation to the current growing pet friendly.
From large chains to small boutique hotels located in the countryside or in the most cosmopolitan cities they offer us to stay with our dogs without having to give up his company in the desired vacation.
Exclusive hotels like The Muse Hotel in New York, awarded VIP treatment to the pets. Here you have the most distinctive and varied services such as massage and acupuncture, and the advantage of being within walking distance of the Canine Court, the canine equivalent of Fifth Avenue. In Europe, The Milestone Hotel (in London) or Le Maurice (Paris) are two other destinations to consider.

As for pet travel accessories, we can not complain, we have to choose. From articles to be transported safely in the car, train, boat or plane, to travel beds and blankets, all major brands of dogs have a wide range of products to make your friend feel at home.

As we can see, little by little pet lovers have easier traveling with our constant companions and the more of us that we join this trend, we will have more opportunities to choose in the future.

Rememeber if you travel with your pet we recommend that you: identify your pet with a microchip that is mandatory in the European Union, you have up to date immunization record and lelves international passport with you always. It is also advisable to collect information on the website of the embassy of the country of destination in its policy on the entry of pets.

Enjoy with your dog and good trip !!!