Dog Bed for Osteoarthritis

5 Sep 2016 artrosis y artritis canina

Osteoarthritis and arthritis are common diseases in dogs. Sometimes it caused by aging itself, other malformations or trauma, cause significant pain and impair the quality of life of our pets.

Unfortunately, in most cases, it is very difficult or completely impossible to cure our best friends of these ailments; but we can help them in their daily life and relieve symptoms. Prevent that our dogs have to crouch, emove barriers or stairs, watching your weight or massaging the affected areas are some of the remedies with which we can help our best friend. the most important point, select the bed where rests, and spends most of the day.

The cold and humidity are factors that greatly worsen the condition and the symptoms of these diseases. It is very important to sleep in a comfortable, warm, dry place to transpire and always keep at room temperature. The Wool, its composition and characteristics, It`s the best material suited to provide this environment and ensure relaxation and wellbeing of our pets. Therefore, all our beds are woven and filled with 100% natural wool, created with the sole illusion of improving the lives and health of our dogs.