Dog Allergies and atopic dermatitis. healthy dog accessories.

11 Oct 2016 dog allergies

Symptoms of allergies in dogs are Readily identifiable on the skin, when have itching skin, often compulsively lick the area until they can damage and even be injured. Most importantly, as in humans, it is to identify the cause of the allergy to avoid it. In the case of atopic dermatitis, the origin usually comes by hypersensitivity to certain substances that can be found both in the food or in the environment.

The list of substances that can irritate our dog is endless. However, it is very common allergy to dust mites, pollen, detergents or chemicals. The commitment accessories for dogs made with natural and ecological fibers that do not contain any toxic or chemical, it is a good solution for sensitive dogs synthetics.

The Wool, additionally, naturally repels dust and mites, and purifies the air we breathe on the other hand in case of accident if the dog eats tissue, could have very serious consequences when they contain toxic substances.