15 Dec 2016 cama ecologica perros

Organic Dog Bed

The bed is undoubtedly the most important accessory for your dog. It is the place where they spend more time and identify as their refuge. You can ensure rest of your pet, avoid or decrease the likelihood of many bone or muscle problems and, in general, influence on many aspects of health for your dog.

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16 Nov 2016 safe dog toys

Safety Dog Toys

Bad choice of toys for our dog can cause more of a problem, If we do not know the material of manufacture of the toy, the kind of painting that it possesses, or if it has parts that could detach, the most successful thing is to prevent that dog plays with that element. Read More “Safety Dog Toys” »

11 Oct 2016 dog allergies

Dog Allergies and atopic dermatitis. healthy dog accessories.

Symptoms of allergies in dogs are Readily identifiable on the skin, when have itching skin, often compulsively lick the area until they can damage and even be injured. Most importantly, as in humans, it is to identify the cause of the allergy to avoid it. In the case of atopic dermatitis, the origin usually comes by hypersensitivity to certain substances that can be found both in the food or in the environment. Read More “Dog Allergies and atopic dermatitis. healthy dog accessories.” »

11 Aug 2016

Health benefits of having a dog

The dog has always been rated as the best friend of man, but the dog-human relationship goes far beyond. After many studies conducted both psychologists and psychiatrists and scholars of human behavior, they have agreed that the relationship established between these animals and men have very beneficial and positive for both effects. There have been cases where it has even been necessary the presence of these animals to obtain a positive result in different types of therapies in humans. Read More “Health benefits of having a dog” »